Electric-Heated Bianstone is Here

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This electric powered bianstone can heat up the bianstone and alleviate pain..

The above bianstone product is very useful for back-pain,stomach pain, menstrual pain, etc.. Just plug the power connector to the plug, wrap the bandage with the bianstone touching the pain area. In about 5 minutes or so, the bianstone will be heated up to a comfortable level to reduce pain.

In case it is hot enough to be comfortable for you, just unplug the power cord.

To order this product, click this link: https://sunnforestmall.com/Well-Being/Bianstone-Products/Electric-Heated-Bianstone

1 Comment(s)

15/09/2014, 12:10:22 PM

Just bought this wonderful bianstone product.. Very useful and comfortable to use during winter.

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