Silver Needle White Tea 001 - Premium Grade Quality 75g Pack

Silver Needle White Tea 001 - Premium Grade Quality 75g Pack



SunnforestMall Silver Need White Tea is harvested in the coastal city of Duding in Fujian, China. This subtly sweet health tea can be appreciated in a cup or you can drink it like the Chinese and float a spoonful into a clear glass of hot water. Water temperature is best around 80 to 90 degree to preserve the powerful antioxdiant nutrient found in White tea.

Usually Bai Hao Yinzhen is considered the highest quality white tea, a rare treasure amongst teas, because of its exquisite flavor and its medicinal values. 

Delicate and refreshing infusion with a sweet, silky ending taste, very quenching for thirst and an ideal health drink the whole year round,and is especially good during the summer.

Silver needle white tea consists of only the buds of the plant and is very rare, as it is harvested only two days of the year. Like all white teas, it is high in antioxidants and can potentially provide protection against a host of conditions.

Contains High Antioxidants
White tea has more antioxidant than green tea.

Helps Regulate Blood Glucose
Brewed white tea may help lower blood glucose levels, potentially helping people suffering from diabetes. An animal study that was published in 2011 in “Phytomedicine” investigated the effects of white tea on diabetes symptoms. In this four-week study, researchers found that consuming a water extract of white tea leaves led to lower blood glucose levels in the diabetic test subjects. Lower total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein -- the "bad cholesterol" -- were also observed. Researchers concluded that white tea extract may help reduce or possibly even prevent the symptoms of diabetes, although human study is still needed.

Helps Metabolize Fat
The antioxidants in white tea may help increase the rate of fat breakdown in your body. According to a study published in a 2009 issue of “Nutrition and Metabolism," researchers found that white tea extract helped reduce the buildup of triglycerides in cultured human fat cells. The extract also helped to stimulate fat breakdown. While the results were promising, further long-term research is still needed before white tea extract can be recommended for fat metabolism,

Weight loss
Doesn’t it seem exciting to know that drinking white tea, including the rare silver needle variety, may help you trim the fat? If you are willing to move away from the extra kilos, Silver needle tea is just the right tea associated with stupendous weight loss benefits. It’s the only one of its kind tea with an exclusive taste and amazing health benefits in the tea behemoth. The taste and benefits of Silver Needle White tea has captured the imagination of many. White tea effectively assists the body to better metabolize lipids, or fats. You may also consult with your doctor about adding white tea to comprehensive weight loss plan.

Cancer Fighter
Silver Needle White tea can also spill over cancer fighting benefits. Antioxidant power abounds in white teas, including the silver needle variety. Scale up your diet with frequent sips of white tea to enhance your immune system. Adding white tea to a diet that includes a wide variety of antioxidant rich foods may assist in the prevention, occurrence or recurrence of some cancers. It is believed that white tea can pump in a new lease of life for those suffering from cancer. White tea is thought to contain more antioxidants than other teas due to the lack of processing of this tea type.

Digestive Aid
Silver Needle white tea will remain a predominant tea type for those who suffer with minor digestion discomforts. Soothe a touchy stomach with a cup of silver needle white tea during meals. Consult your medical or health practitioner before drinking white tea for digestive disturbances.

Low Caffeine
For those who don’t wish to infuse a strong dose of caffeine to help them wake up, silver needle white tea may be the right alternative. This purest form of the tea family has less caffeine than its green, black andoolong family members, according to some experts. One cup of silver needle white tea contains 1 percent of the caffeine contained in a cup of coffee.












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