Bianstone Waist Bandage-Electrically Heated

-5% Bianstone Waist Bandage-Electrically Heated

Electrically Heated Bianstone Waist Bandage


This waist bandage lined up with Bianstone is powered by electrical plug to heat up the bianstone,in order to wrap around the waist level  to help to relieve all kind of back pain, ladies' monthly menstrual pain ,stomach pain, etc.  Simply wrap the bianstone bandage around the waist / stomach or any part of the body, and plug the connector of the bianstone bandage to the power plug to heat up the internal bianstone,   to receive the bianstone infra red heat. The comfortable infra-red heat emitting from the bianstone help to relieve the covered area from pain. Try to drink a cup of water after each session. No strict time, but try to use it at your comfortable zone. If the bianstone is cold again, simply charge again with the supplied power plug to heat up again. As different countries use different power plugs, you just need to buy a power plug adaptor from your local hardware or electronics store in order to plug it to your home's power point.


1) Infra red rays activate the body's cell and rejuvenate the cells to detoxify the body, which helps in slimming down the stomach.

2) Helps to relieve back,stomach pain, menstrual pain


Precaution when using the product:
1) Not suitable for pregnant and children and anybody with serious blood problem
2) Not suitable for anybody wearing internal metallic system inside the body
3) Not suitable for those With serious hypertension and heart problem

Do not wash the product as it will spoil internal electrical circuits
Do not warm it under hot temperature






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