Bianstone Massage Slippers

Bianstone Massage Slippers

 Bianstone Massage Slippers


 Chinese medicine believes that the foot is the body's second heart. Foot health is equivalent to the body's health , and  the human foot is a smaller version of the body . Human foot reflex zones distributed over 60 points and over 7000 reflection connected with various organs , which are an important part of human health directly related . If some part of the body is uncomfortable , the corresponding foot reflex zone would be tingling or painful when stimulated. As long as you stimulate the area with pain using foot reflex massage , the discomfort organ or organs with illness will gradually disappear. Reflexology = health and longevity !

"The tree's roots will dry up first before decay,  and old people will normally encounter feet  failure first ." The key is to keep the foot healthy . By foot massage , you can adjust the person's entire body, improve blood circulation, promote blood smoothly , adjust the endocrine , enhance the body's immune . Stone Massage Shoes made ​​of natural Si Bin Stone , arranged according to scientific foot acupuncture points using natural arc shape of the foot reflex zone massage to stimulate foot acupuncture points , which played medicinal properties, alleviate fatigue , promote blood circulation , to reconcile the role of the heart and the balance of yin and yang .


 Function of the Bianstone Massage Slippers:-

 1 , promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue

2 , eliminate the accumulation of toxins , maintain healthy

3 , enhance endocrine balance , beauty shaping

4 , strengthen metabolism , preserve our youth

5 , the restoration of degraded organ function , prevention sick

6 , stimulate cells to produce energy, prevent aging


Suitable for:-

 1 , fatigue , malaise crowd2 , sedentary, long standing long in the same position or office workers , drivers and other3 , menopausal syndrome4 , diabetes, hypertension , rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic diseases5 , people cherish the body, especially for middle-aged friends


How to use:-

 1 , put on and walk for at least 10-15 minutes a day , insisted several times a day

2 , drink plenty of water after use (by using so that the blood circulation, blood circulation through these wastes back to the kidneys , excreted through the excretory organs , so need more water )

3, shoes need cleaning , apply cotton scrub vamp , and other leather uppers dry and then re-use


Not Suitable for:-

 1 , women menstruation and pregnancy should not apply

2 , acute myocardial infarction , severe heart , liver , spleen, kidney function problem - Consult doctor before use



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